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    Some Friends Need To Go

    This is a new season, and in order for you to rise higher, you have to break away from relationships that are limiting you. Sometimes in order to embrace the destiny God has in store, you have to be willing to make some difficult changes in your life. You have to be willing to examine […] More

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    You Belong To The Family Of God

    We all go through times when we feel lonely, or wonder where we belong. God designed family to always be a place of love and acceptance. Maybe you didn’t come from an environment like that, or maybe you’ve been away from your family. Maybe they are no longer around. God still desires to meet that […] More

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    God, I Want To Stop Sinning, How?

    After a week of struggle I remember a question a young man asked me some time ago “how do I stay away from sin and the enemy?” You may have asked the same thing. The Word of God has the power to protect you and keep you from constantly sinning, it is living and active. […] More

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    The Sabbath Is More Than Just A Day

    After six days of creating, God rested, the Bible said, and He called it Sabbath. The Sabbath principle suggests rest is critical for our survival. God wasn’t tired, but He took time out. He gave us an example not only for one day but for life. We must rest not only physically but emotionally and spiritually.  Sometimes, […] More

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    The Enemy Will Flee

    Are you tired of the enemy in your home, on your job, or in your life? Do you want the enemy to flee? Then worship. Many of our churches don’t worship, we follow programmes or traditions, maybe that’s why the enemy always seems present. There is tremendous power available when we worship and praise the […] More

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    Armed And Dangerous With The Word

    Not long ago I was sitting in the airport in Canada looking at the military men who are massive and have huge guns, they looked armed and dangerous. They have all they need to fight and protect their country. God has equipped you with everything you need to fulfil your destiny through His Word, your […] More

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    Limit God? How?

    We serve a limitless God. There is no limit to what God is willing to do for you. We serve a God of unlimited grace, favour and blessing! He longs to show you His goodness and pour out His abundance in your life. When God looks at you, He sees unlimited possibilities. He sees unlimited potential. […] More

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    Patrick Mahomes = A Second Chance

    Last night I stayed up to watch Super Bowl 54 (the American football final). The Kansas City Chiefs were down by 10 points at half time. Their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, the league’s most valuable player, was having his worst game of the season. His passes had been intercepted by the opposition, his passes had been […] More

  • The Spirit Of God

    Make God Bigger

    A few months ago I traded my glasses for contact lenses. As I placed my contact lenses in my eyes, I realised that everything appeared bigger and clearer than my glasses. I felt more confident and powerful. Everything was magnified. I could see much more detail, even on the smallest thing. Power comes when you […] More

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